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Rugged Stainless PC | Biometric Fingerprint Scanners

Rugged Stainless PC | Biometric Fingerprint Scanners

New to market is our new Bioentry W2 Biometric Scanner equipped IP65 rated stainless steel touchscreen PC. The PC is ideal for use on building sites, in factories or warehousing where the movement and tally of staff can be remotely monitored in real time by using fingerprint recognition. This rugged PC can also be washed down making it perfect for food processing factories, medical environments or even the custodial services.

Working closely with our software partner, we can program the PC for a multitude of staff monitoring duties. The PCs can be supplied with optional outdoor shelters and door opening / locking operation.

Please call us to see if we can help with you staff clocking in / out and movement in real time requirements.


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