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Rugged vandal resistant kiosk PC's
CabinetPro rugged keyboard


CabinetPro have many years experience in producing heavy-duty industrial PCs for aggressive manufacturing environments. Our customers enjoy ultimate reliability and therefore lower overall costs and lower down-time. Now, we have applied our knowledge and expertise to our Sentinel range of vandal resistant kiosk PC’s, so if a rugged, steel or stainless steel kiosk with the emphasis on strength and durability is required then look no further than CabinetPro.

All our standard kiosks come with high-end 17″ CabinetPro touchscreens for reliability and longevity in the field. Other screen sizes are available by request along with card readers, label and armband printers. We can sometimes work with your existing PCs or build our own bespoke powerful VESA mount PC into the units. Our kiosks are currently in use on factory shop floors, in canteens, entrance foyers and public places of interest and are built to stand the test of time.

Some Key Information
CabinetPro rugged kiosk in use
  • Service and Support centre in UK
  • 3 Year Warranty option
  • ‘Real person’ support
  • Modern ERP software compatible
  • Fast lead time from order
  • High quality steel construction
CabinetPro use reliable ELO touchscreen monitors
  • High quality CabinetPro monitors
  • Fully IP65 rated Screen
  • Branded quality components
  • Intel Atom to i5 processors
  • Operating system choice
  • In house UK design and build
Custom silver information kiosk PC
  • Custom colours or wraps
  • 5 year service option
  • PC hardware upgrades
  • OS and MB driver upgrades
  • Touchscreen calibration
  • Full gasket set replacement
What do I Need to Know?

When the time comes to choose a supplier for new rugged kiosks, you may want to see some simple comparisons before placing your order:

You Asked?



Rebadged Chinese imports?

English Speaking UK Support?

Repair / Upgrade or Throwaway?

Repair / Upgrade or Throwaway?

Extended Warranty Option?

Branded Components?

Fast & Effecient Aftersales? 





All our PCs are manufactured in the UK 

We use quality branded parts

We use toughened monitor glass

We can repair and upgrade our PCs

We offer a free 3 year UK warranty option

We speak english and can communicate well

We can turn around a repair or upgrade within days

We offer top class after sales




PCs may be rebadged imports

They may use cheap unreliable parts

Imported PCs may use shatterable glass 

Most imported PCs are uneconomic to upgrade

PCs will probably need to go overseas for repair

Language barriers can cause problems

A repair or upgrade may take months

After sales service can be difficult


To put your mind at rest, here at CabinetPro we build to a quality not a price. This is because our customers appreciate the value of high quality units that do not need to be frequently maintained or replaced. This saves them cost, time and inconvenience. In addition, all our PCs are manufactured in the UK so in the unlikely event that you do need service or support, help is close to hand. To show confidence in our product, we offer a 3 year RTB warranty option subject to early payment terms being met.

Fully Serviceable & Update-able

Each kiosk contains a fully configurable CabinetPro UK designed and built PC that can be serviced and upgraded here in the UK. The case is produced in steel and powder coated or vinyl wrapped to your own design. Already showing sterling service in museums, canteens, reception areas and on exhibition stands, our kiosks offer the ultimate flexibility and strength. Please talk to us about specific design, size and peripheral requirements as we are always happy to help with your project.

5 Year Service Scheme

Some of our PC’s have been working in the field without attention for over 7 years, however, we do recommend that PC’s are serviced every 5 years just to make sure everything is still working to our tight specification. So, unlike most, we offer a RTB service scheme where every 5 years we will check that your PC is running at optimum efficiency and that all hardware is still working accurately as intended. Contact us to find out more.

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CabinetPro is a one-stop shop for washable industrial PCs and data capture equipment. Call us on UK Freephone: 0800 772 0449 for more information.

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What Our Customers Think

CabinetPro supply stainless steel IP65 PCs to Laleham Health and Beauty

Laleham Health & Beauty

We have used CabinetPro IP65 PCs in our dispensary environment for a number of years. They are in use 24/7 and have proven to be very reliable. CabinetPro have always been responsive to our specific requirements and provide excellent customer service.

Jason Bees IT Manager IP65 Stainless Touchscreen PC June 20, 2016


We offer many combinations of I/O IP rated connections on all our PC’s. Please talk to us about your specific requirements.

IP68 Connectivity
IP68 Connectivity
IP68 Connectivity
IP65 Protection
Sprayed Water 100%
Airborn Dust 100%
Food Particles 100%
Specifications at a Glance
  • Hard Drives

    Our standard HDD’s are 500GB SATA Seagate or similar branded drive. We can also fit SSD’s, SanDisk 120 / 240GB or similar. Single or dual drives are also catered for.

  • Processors

    Dual core 1.86GHz Intel Atom D2500. Upgradeable to dual core 64-bit 2.41GHz J1800 or 2.9 GHz dual core 4th generation Intel i3.

  • Memory RAM

    Our standard PC’s come with 4GB of Corsair or Crucial branded Ram. This can be upgraded to 8GB if required.

  • Graphics & Audio

    Standard specification is integrated Intel GMA 3650 Video through to integrated Intel HD Graphics. Audio is normally 2+2 or 7.1 channel High Definition (Board dependant)

  • I/O Connections

    Our standard I/O connections are 1x 240v power. Ix RJ45 Network and 2x USB. More can be added as required. All connections are IP rated to different degrees dependant on model.

  • Screen Sizes

    Standard size for our Cobalt® stainless steel touch-screen PC is 17″ however a 15″ unit is available as special order. Our ABS and panel PC’s offer a choice of sizes.

  • Operating Systems

    Most are our PC’s are Windows driven, but please contact us if you have other requirements. We can sometimes work from your image but normally our PC’s are freshly loaded with Windows 7Pro 8Pro or 10Pro 32 or 64bit OS’s.

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