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CabinetPro was founded in 2007 and we’ve been on an epic ride ever since. From our humble beginnings as a PC design company to launching our very own UK designed & built IP65 waterproof and dust proof PC’s we’ve stayed true to our core beliefs by continually delivering first-class customer service and revolutionary new products. We specialise in providing industrial touch-screen PC’s and ancillaries for real-time data capture within hygienic, hostile or public environments along with the supply of large format digital signage screens and custom mounted tablets. We are a forward thinking Bristol UK based company who operate worldwide, always pushing the boundaries of design.

CabinetPro Ltd is a multi-task company specialising in the following core areas:

  • All our PC’s are built by hand in the UK using branded components
  • Industrial or non industrial use – Factory shop floors to museums
  • No throw-away items – Our PC’s are upgradeable for the life of the cabinet
  • We build touch-screen PC’s compatible with many ERP software systems
  • A one-stop-shop for accessories including scanners and much more


We use local business’ for our steel, plastics and fabrication process and all our assembly is done in house minimising our carbon footprint.


Ground up cabinet design by experts. Everything from performance to heat dissipation has been scientifically calculated to provide reliability.


We are familiar with many ERP systems and we have the hardware you need to make your software work. We can also carry out RF site surveys.


Years in the Shop Floor Market.

Percent Quality Components.

Percent Customer Care.


Our mission is simple: To make technology an asset for your business not a problem. Our aim is to provide the factory shop floor and the industrial computing marketplace with the best in class ultra-rugged industrial PC solutions. We over engineer each product to completely dominate its respective market and to perform flawlessly in the field. We pride ourselves in offering quality technical solutions at competitive prices and we are ‘people’ people who love building a great rapport with our customers whilst striving for total client satisfaction. Our PC’s are currently in use all over the world in food preparation plants to metal foundries and have earned a great reputation for reliability and longevity; In fact we are so confident in our PC products that we offer a free 3 year warranty option*

We want to make the whole shop floor procurement process simple by offering all the possible products you might need under one roof. That means anything from touch-screens, barcode scanners, weighing scales or rugged tablet holders right through to a full factory shop floor re-fit using IP65 stainless steel or ABS PCs complete with some digital signage for public or staff areas too.


  • Do you offer discounts for bulk buying?

    Yes we do. Call us and we will give you an accurate price if you are buying more than five PCs. A typical order to fit out a shop floor, maybe following a new software purchase, could be in the region of 20 to 30 PC’s. Our experienced staff will help you budget without long winded sales calls or rep visits.

  • What is the IP65 (Ingress Protection) rating all about?

    IP (or “Ingress Protection”) ratings are defined in international standard EN 60529 (British BS EN 60529:1992, European IEC 60509:1989). They are used to define levels of sealing effectiveness of electrical enclosures against intrusion from foreign bodies (tools, dirt etc) and moisture.

    Our stainless and ABS PC’s are rated as IP65 meaning rated as “dust tight” and protected against water projected from a nozzle – water volume: 12.5 litres per minute | Pressure: 30 kPa at distance of 3 m for a duration of 15 mins.

  • How do I get a quote from you?

    For a quote, simply use our contact form with as many details as possible and we will respond. For more detailed information, just give us a ring.

  • *What warranty do I get from you?

    We offer a standard 12 month parts and labour RTB warranty but if invoices are settled within 14 days, we extend the warranty for a further 2 years, making 3 years warranty in total. (Excludes physical damage or obvious tampering)

  • Can you build a PC to my specifications?

    The simple answer is yes, in most cases, we can. We will work closely with you during the design phase to ensure your requirements are met. If amendments need to be made during the build we will communicate immediately so no time is wasted nor are deadlines missed as a result. We respect your time.


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