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With performance, design and innovative technologies, our range of Touch Solutions Interactive Digital Signage Displays open a new dimension for large format touch-monitors. Our displays are available in sizes of 81.3 cm (32”), 106.7 cm (42”), 138.6 cm (55”) and 176.6 cm (70”). Using these units, our customers not only implement high-end solutions for visitors and customer systems in hotels, shopping centres, offices and public buildings, but also interactively involve the user in the application.

This type of touchscreen monitor is particularly effective in canteens, railways, museums, airports, boardrooms, casino’s and exhibitions or as an interactive guide in hotels and reception rooms plus many retail applications too.

We can also incorporate our reliable vesa-mount PCs resulting in a very flexible and powerful combo.

We supply equipment from a wide range of manufacturers including the ELO range.

Some Key Information
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  • Service and Support centre in the UK
  • 3 Year Warranty option
  • ‘Real person’ support
  • Modern software compatible
  • Fast lead time from order
  • Extensive connectivity
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  • High grade materials
  • Choice of mountings
  • Branded quality components
  • Various screen sizes
  • Technology choice
  • In house UK design
Digital signage
  • Regular service scheme
  • Full strip-down and inspection
  • Hardware upgrades
  • Technology and driver upgrades
  • Touchscreen calibration or renewal
  • Full gasket set replacement

The range and options available for digital signage is very wide and potentially complex. Our team will be happy to discuss your requirements and suggest the best solution whatever your industry.

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What Our Customers Think

Spicy Fish Co. Part of Icelandic Seachill

Saucy Fish Co

“We have been dealing with CabinetPro for many years for our IP65 stainless touchscreen enclosures. The quality of the cabinets is what really stands out for us. Extremely reliable, well made and faultless despite running them 24/7 in a challenging environment.”

Dave Hagan IT Specialist PANEL PC February 6, 2016


We offer many combinations of I/O IP rated connections on all our PC’s. Please talk to us about your specific requirements.

IP68 Connectivity
IP68 Connectivity
IP68 Connectivity
IP65 Protection
Sprayed Water 100%
Airborn Dust 100%
Food Particles 100%
Specifications at a Glance
  • Hard Drives

    Our standard HDD’s are 500GB SATA Seagate or similar branded drive. We can also fit SSD’s, SanDisk 120 / 240GB or similar. Single or dual drives are also catered for.

  • Processors

    Dual core 1.86GHz Intel Atom D2500. Upgradeable to dual core 64-bit 2.41GHz J1800 or 2.9 GHz dual core 4th generation Intel i3.

  • Memory RAM

    Our standard PC’s come with 4GB of Corsair or Crucial branded Ram. This can be upgraded to 8GB if required.

  • Graphics & Audio

    Standard specification is integrated Intel GMA 3650 Video through to integrated Intel HD Graphics. Audio is normally 2+2 or 7.1 channel High Definition (Board dependant)

  • I/O Connections

    Our standard I/O connections are 1x 240v power. Ix RJ45 Network and 2x USB. More can be added as required. All connections are IP rated to different degrees dependant on model.

  • Screen Sizes

    Standard size for our Cobalt® stainless steel touch-screen PC is 17″ however a 15″ unit is available as special order. Our ABS and panel PC’s offer a choice of sizes.

  • Operating Systems

    Most are our PC’s are Windows driven, but please contact us if you have other requirements. We can sometimes work from your image but normally our PC’s are freshly loaded with Windows 7Pro 8Pro or 10Pro 32 or 64bit OS’s.

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