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    Waterproof Touchscreen PCs | We Beg To Differ | CabinetPro

    Waterproof Touchscreen PCs | We Beg To Differ | CabinetPro

    The term ‘Waterproof’ can have so many connotations, so, I wonder what comes to your mind when someone tells you that something is waterproof?  My interpretation is simple, if a ‘Waterproof’ item is dropped into the ocean, retrieved by a diver and then opened up, I expect it to be totally dry inside…  If only it were that straightforward!! Everyone is

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CabinetPro is a UK one-stop shop for washable industrial PCs and data capture equipment. Call us on UK Freephone: 0800 772 0449 or Intl: +44 1454 261 948 for more information.

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