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Do you need to know roughly how much your PC project will cost without lengthy sales calls or rep visits? Our easy to use costing tool below will help you get an estimate online. Simply enter your data and our calculator will produce an approximate quote. Remember though, this is only a guide, so it’s always best to make contact with us to obtain the very best price and discuss the possibility of quantity and other discounts.

Our policy is to be open about pricing, however due to the large number of variables, as mentioned above, we do recommend getting a quotation from us.  Listed in this section are examples of our popular models which we hope will give you a good indication of the investment required. Please feel free to contact us at any time for more advice or just an informal chat about your needs – we will be happy to help in any way we can.


How to use costing tool. Example: 30 PC’s required. Take the top price break slider to maximum of 5. Take the second price break slider to maximum of 19. Take the third price break slider to 6. (5+19+6=30 PC’s) Your form will be automatically submitted with your contact details.


Total number of PC's required using price break sliders below.

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Total number of PC's using price break sliders above.


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Man operating cabinetpro touchscreen
ABS full IP65 PC and touchscreen monitor enclosure
CabinetPro kiosk pc's


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